Free Mask Requests
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100 Masks Needed (Various Sizes) Livingston, TN they need to be in pretty colors and prints to Sara Manis 907 Lee Dr Livingston TN 38570
2 Masks Needed (Large Size) Myself, I'm on SSI
3 Masks Needed (Large Size) Palo Alto, CA One for me and 1 for my 2 sons who are 18,27
3 Masks Needed (Large Size) Spokane, WA Myself. I work in a alcohol and drug treatment center.
6 Masks Needed (Various Sizes) Concrete, WA My mom who is a caregiver
15 Masks Needed (Various Sizes) West Menlo Park, CA I work with a group of Disaster Service Workers in Moscone South, San Francisco overseeing shelter, feeding and volunteer operations in San Francisco. We are central HR operations in the City. We have isolation masks that cannot be reused for a long time. Cloth masks will be a blessing! We wear our masks all days long. Thank you so much for making the masks!
6 Masks Needed (Various Sizes) Lewiston, ME My family and I - essential workers/spouse, kids
9 Masks Needed (Various Sizes) Low income residents
15 Masks Needed (Large Size) These would be for my trucker husband and his co-workers, they drive for Swift transportation and deliver to Walmart. Any help would be appreciated.
5 Masks Needed (Small Size) San Jose, CA For my husband and me
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