Connecting Communities

We want to connect communitiy members and ensure everyone stays safe and healthy

How do I get a mask?

After you submit your request we find makers who are the best fit for your job and ask if they are interested. We email you information about the ones who are interested and you choose the one who is a best fit. You will then be able to connect with the maker over email and pay for your mask.

I want to maske masks

Thank you! Please fill out a maker profile and when we get an incoming request that is a good fit for you we email asking if you're interested, if you are then we pass along your profile to the requester and they indicate if they're interested in moving forward with a request.

If you're interested in making free masks for donation we have a list of organizations and people who have outstanding requests. You can contact them through our site and we'll put you in touch via email.

How do I pay for a mask?

We recommend paying with paypal. They offer protection if the seller does not deliver a mask. We will connect you with the maker over email and you can arrange whatever method works best for you